Tuesday, December 12, 2017

7 School Marketing Trends to Think About for 2018 [Podcast]

Have you thought about your school marketing strategy for 2018? 

Do you know where your district is going to invest your communications budget this year?

Today’s episode of the Social Media Schoolhouse Podcast focuses school marketing trend’s I see coming down the pipeline for 2018. I will discuss my thoughts on where I think marketing is heading and what trends school districts should start exploring.

By the end of this episode I hope districts will at least start an internal conversation with their district leadership about the future of marketing and where investment dollars should be allocated in the future.

Social Media Schoolhouse Podcast:

  • Microinfluencers (0:53)
  • Streaming Video (1:56)
  • User-Generated Content (3:27)
  • Schools as a Brand (4:41)
  • Voice Search (5:58)
  • Chatbots (7:47)
  • Content Distribution Strategy (9:01)
What are your thoughts on trends for School Marketing? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Friday, December 8, 2017

5 Awesome Articles to Boost Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

Do you want to improve your Facebook Live Strategy?

Are you looking for ways to standout on social media?

In this article, I share five of the most popular posts from around the web that will help your company excel using Facebook Live.

Streaming video is becoming a vital part of an organizations social media strategy. Engagement using streaming videos on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is much higher than a traditional post.

Click the Titles to Read the Articles...

5 Awesome Articles to Boost Your Facebook Live Broadcasts

#1: How to Easily Broadcast Multi-Camera Live Video for Facebook Live

Discover how to integrate visuals and work with multiple camera angles to broadcast professional-quality live video to Facebook and YouTube.

Published on Social Media Examiner by Erin Cell

#2: How To Use Live Streaming To Grow Your Brand

Facebook and Instagram live are the newest trend in many social media platforms. It’s used not only for personal purposes, but it can also grow your brand.
Published on Socialmediaweek.org by Jeff Yonata

#3: Your Marketing Strategy Needs Facebook Live (Infographic)

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include Facebook Live streaming—it should. Not convinced? These stats speak for themselves.

Published on Wowza.com by Holly Regan 

#4: Six Facebook Live Tips to Drive Engagement

Wondering how you can improve your engagement using Facebook Live and streaming video? In this blog post, you'll learn about six tips that will improve your audience engagement using Facebook Live and Streaming Video.

Published on Socialmediaschoolhouse.com by Jason Wheeler 

#5: How to Rock Your Facebook Lives for Maximum Exposure 

HOW TO ROCK YOUR FACEBOOK LIVES FOR MAXIMUM EXPOSURE I swear live video is the best thing to happen to online marketing! I embraced live video early on in my entrepreneur journey and I've seen it...

Published on brandmerry.com by Michelle Knight 


The best way to master Facebook Live is to learn from successful companies and individuals that are doing it right. Facebook Live is not complicated, bu there are simple ways to boost your engagement on the platform.

Do you have any questions about Facebook Live? Leave them in the comment section below.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

How to Boost Engagement on Instagram with an Easy Hashtag Hack

Is your school district using Instagram? 

Do you want more people to see your Instagram posts?

Using hashtags is easier for people who don’t follow you on Instagram to find your content.

In this article, you’ll learn how to boost engagement on Instagram with an easy hashtag hack.

The Importance of the Hashtag

Hashtags started on Twitter, but have become the lifeblood of any post on Instagam. A proper hashtag can help boost engagement and allow people who do not follow your account to discover your content.

According to Dictionary.com, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.
The keyword in their definition is “identify.” A hashtag puts your content into a category. Instagram users search hashtags to discover content pertaining to that category.

For example, our district’s “Teaching in Dallas” instagram account will use popular teacher hashtags to attract educators from across the country to our content.

By using these hashtags, our content is categorized so other Instagram users who enjoy teaching and classroom tips can easily find it—even if they don’t yet follow our “Teaching in Dallas” feed.

This is an excellent way for schools or school districts that are new to Instagram, or have small follower numbers, to get exposure to more interested people. The beautiful thing is that Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post.

Instagram Hashtag Hack to Boost Engagement

With hashtags on Instagram being so important, you have to use them to drive engagement. However, you need be creative on how you use them so you do not look like you are spamming Instagram with your posts.

Putting all 30 hashtags into your initial description is so 2016. With this simple hack, you can use hashtags to boost engagement without looking like a hashtag spammer.

The secret is to post your picture and content, and then put your hashtags in the first comment of your post.

By using this technique, your initial Instagram post is not full of annoying hashtags that crowd your post.

Using the comment section allows you to have a break between your caption and your hashtag categories. But simply putting your hashtags in the first comment is not enough. This is where the Hashtag Hack comes in.

Hashtag Hack Step 1: Know Thy Audience

First tip on this hack is to know your audience you are trying to attract with your post. Do you know what type of content they want? Do you know what hashtags they are using or what type of hashtags are they searching for?

You do not want to put hashtags in your post just to use hashtags. You need to have a good reason. You must know what is going to attract your audience.

Hashtag Hack Step 2: Text Editor

This is the real secret the hack. Do not type your hashtags directly into the comment section. Instead, type your hashtags into a text editor like your notes app on your iPhone. And make sure to use the dot character on your typepad to create line breaks.

By using the “Dot”, you give a break between your post and the comment section, yet still giving you the power of the hashtag. We use FIVE DOTS to give the adequate space between the post and our hashtags.

Hashtag Hack Step 3: Paste into Comment

The next step is to take your hashtags you created in your text editor, and then paste them into the comment section on your Instagram post. Make sure when you copy your note in your text editor that you copy all five dots and all of your hashtags.


Posting your collected hashtags into your comment section will help non-followers find your awesome content without making you look like a spammer.


Using hashtag with Instagram is a powerful technique you must be using. Without hashtags, your posts are basically hidden from the outside world.

School districts can take advantage of hashtags as long as you carefully select the right kind that match with your content, and as long as you do not misuse or spam your followers.

Do you have questions about using hashtags in Instagram? Do you have questions about boosting social media engagement? Leave your questions in the comment section below.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

6 Facebook Live Tips to Drive Engagement

Do you use Facebook Live to drive audience engagement?

Wondering how you can improve your engagement using Facebook Live and streaming video?

In this blog post, you'll learn about six tips that will improve your audience engagement using Facebook Live and Streaming Video.

#1: Promote Before You Go Live

Marketing is marketing no matter if you are going live or scheduling a post on Facebook. You always want to promote your event using a variety of marketing channels.

You might capture some audience randomly streaming live on Facebook, but remember... PEOPLE ARE VERY BUSY. If they know you are going live from an event, or at a big announcement, they are more likely to take the time to tune into your stream or Facebook Live event.

The best place to promote is on the platform you are streaming on. If you plan to stream on Facebook Live, the first place you want to promote is on Facebook. But never limit your promotion to just Facebook. Use other social media platforms and your website to get eyeballs to your Facebook Live stream. Your other social media platforms are more likely to be a different audience than your fans on Facebook.

#2: Invest in a Tripod and Smartphone Mount

Part of the appeal of Facebook live is the ability to broadcast a live stream using the smartphone in your pocket, but that does not mean you can't add a bit of professionalism to your stream.

Tripods are a great way to achieve a steady shot during your broadcast. And steady shots can help bring balance to your broadcast while saving your audience from getting seasick.

There are cool devices to help you connect your phone to your tripod. We use a simple product called a JOBY GripTight Mount. It helps balance our phone and allows us to attach our phone directly to the tripod. Click the picture below to purchase the JOBY:
JOBY GripTight Mount

There might be times that a tripod is not what you want. A more freestyle approach does bring a bit of authenticity to your stream. Judge your event and your audience to determine if a tripod will deliver a better experince for your audience to your broadcast.

#3: Change Your Camera Angle 

Keeping your camera the same throughout your event can be boring. The best way to spice things up is by changing your picture throughout your event. This can be as simple as walking around your venue getting a variety of shots, panning your phone to get other angles, or by using a streaming device like a MEVO.

MEVO is a product we use that uses a mobile device that allows you to zoom, pan and cut with ease, all from a single camera & app. It's a great device to stream and change your camera angle on the fly while looking professional.

Click the link below to purchase a MEVO:


Mevo streams to Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope and Twitter. No rig required Simple, small and discreet-the Mevo camera & free app are all you need to record or stream your live events beautifully. All glass lens 150 degree all glass lens with Sony 4K sensor. Stream live in up to 1080p Full HD and record in up to 4K.

#4: Remind Your Audience to Like & Share

No matter the event, always take the time to remind your audience to like and share your stream. This can be as simple as asking. During our Facebook Live events, I always whisper into our phone or MEVO to like/heart our broadcast. I also ask our viewers to share the broadcast so more people can see the awesome things that are happening in our district.

Just like any good show, viewers can get lost in the broadcast. When they're watching, they are not going to remember to share your content. However, if you remind them throughout the broadcast, they are more likely to take the time to click share on Facebook. Most of the time when I ask, our viewers hit the heart or share button during our broadcast.

Liking and sharing increases engagement with not only your audience, but with their friends on Facebook. When your audience shares the broadcast, the stream appears in their Facebook timeline. But that is only the tip of the iceberg.  

When your audience shares or likes your stream, it tells Facebook that it it an interesting event and more of their audience should check it out. Sharing and liking is a way to manipulate the Facebook algorithm. You are basically hacking engagement.

#5: Respond to Your Facebook Comments

Engagement is better when you engage with your audience as well. Facebook comments are an excellent way to engage with your audience during your event. When someone on your broadcast comments, make sure to respond.

Even if they comment with a simple "awesome" or "thank you for doing this"... always respond. We think of Facebook Live as a two-person operation. One person to work the camera, and the other person to be on a laptop interacting with our audience.

If you are not able to have two people work your event, make sure to answer or respond to your comments after the event is over. More comments means more engagement. There might be an important question that needs to be answered.  

Comments are also a great form of a "Call to Action". You can respond to a comment with a link to your website or an invite to your next event. Use your comments to drive engagement.

#6: Share the Replay

Always remember to save the stream to your Facebook timeline. For the most part, Facebook does this automatically, but if you are using a device like a MEVO, you are prompted by the device to add it to your timeline. Make sure to do this.

Much of your audience will watch the event after your original broadcast. Make sure you allow them to do so. And Facebook is just the start.

After you post it on your Facebook timeline, download your video and post it on YouTube, and on your website. You can actually embed the Facebook video directly to your website. Its a great way to get more views.

By sharing your broadcast on other platforms, you allow other audiences outside of your Facebook fans to see the broadcast. It's a great way to cross-pollinate your content, and get more people to see the great things happening in your organization. I would even include it in your digital eNewsletter. Embedding video in your emails is a great way to increase open and click rate.

Our district also edits parts of the videos into chunks that might answer specific questions from our Live Stream. Facebook Live Streams can be long, so providing highlight videos from the event is a great way to reuse and expand your content.

Here is an example of chunking we used from our Kindergarten Live Event:


Facebook Live is a great way to increase engagement on Facebook. Right now, live streaming is one of the top performing organic posts on the platform. With these six Facebook Live tips, you can improve your engagement even more.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the tips shared in this article? Do you plan to adjust your approach based on this suggested tips for driving engagement using Facebook Live? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Driving Engagement Using Content Marketing

Traditional advertising is dying... School districts must use new forms of digital marketing to survive.

Here is a webinar I did that explains Content Marketing and how to use it to drive engagement in your district. Learn how your district can master Content Marketing.

In this webinar...

  1. What is Content Marketing and Why is it So Important 
  2. How to Build Audience Personas 
  3. How to Build Your Content Marketing Base to Launch Your Campaigns
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How to Boost District Enrollment Using Facebook Ads

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

In 20 Years… A School District Will Buy a Local Newspaper [Podcast]

In 20 Years… A School District Will Buy a Local Newspaper

Don’t laugh. This is not too far out of left field. Over the past three years there has been a resurgence of the journalism occupation. Not necessarily in the form of a traditional newspaper, but the need for people who can tell your story has become very important.

Read the Original Blog Post Here

With the increasing popularity of blogs and content marketing, we will need these storytellers more than ever. And we need someone who can do it at the local level.

  • The Journalism Resurgence - 0:44
  • Examples of Content in Corporations - 1:21
  • Why Buy a Local Newspaper - 2:20
  • Joe Pulizzi's Critical content Jobs - 2:45
  • Content is King - 6:17
Your district needs to be prepared for the revolution. You will need talented content creators who know your local audience. What better way to fill the jobs above by tapping into the experts who are trained in storytelling and know your local audience?

Who will be the first school district to buy a local newspaper? Will it be you?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

3 Marketing Lessons for School PR from Jurassic Park [PODCAST]

Is your district stuck in the past? Are you concerned about increasing competition in your school district? Does your marketing feel like an old dinosaur?

Is it time you start reevaluating your school district's marketing strategy?

In today's podcast, I will give you three school marketing tips I learned while watching Jurassic World with my son this weekend. Listen Below...

3 Marketing Lessons for School PR from Jurassic Park

How Jurassic World Can Help Your School Marketing


Jurassic World opened in the summer of 2015 and became the second biggest film opening of all time, banking over $204 million in just three days. It’s entertaining, but also has lessons that a school district can use when planning a new marketing campaign.

  • Stop to Think If You Should - 1:44
  • Don't Take the Small Dinosaur for Granted - 3:04
  • Evolve Your School Marketing to Soar - 4:10

Remember, with any big project, always ask yourself a simple question…  

Will this bring us a return on our investment? ROI.

It’s not about being cool, it’s about getting results.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” - Dr. Ian Malcolm